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Public Loss Adjusters Ireland

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland

Here at Public Loss Adjusters Ireland, we have helped hundreds of people across Ireland deal with fires, floods and impact damage. We can help speed up your claim dramatically, as more often than not insurance companies will try and make the claim stretch out for as long as possible. With our help, you can return back to everyday life as soon as possible.Public Loss Adjusters Ireland

We can also help you by constantly keeping up negotiations with your insurers to help you receive your full entitlement, so you can restore every bit of your damaged property back to its pre-loss state.

All the loss adjusters that we hire are all fully qualified and have vast experience in dealing with situations such as property fires and floods. The directors of Public Loss Adjusters Ireland all have over 65 years of combined experience in this industry.

The company has also been established since 1971, so we have dealt with every kind of property damage and know exactly what steps to take to resolve any problems you may be facing. To find out what services we can offer you, visit our website today at

Although Public Loss Adjusters Ireland offer all these first-class services, we only charge a rate of 10% + VAT of the final settlement fee which is agreed upon. We believe that this price is extremely reasonable for the services and help in which we provide.

We also offer our services completely free of charge, if you decide to utilise our recommended contractors to see out any needed restoration work. We offer this service because the trusted contractors we choose are able to fully take care of our bill completely on your behalf. So, if you have been affected by property damage then don’t hesitate to contact Public Loss Adjusters Ireland today in order to make your claim as smooth and as easy as possible.

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland | Loss Assessors

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland | Loss Assessors

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland is part of a group that specialise in Loss Adjusting, loss assessors Ireland and insurance claims management services. PLA strive to provide a friendly service for the public who have been affected by any of the following incidents: Fire damage, flood damage, storm damage, theft and escape of water.

If you have ever experienced an incident that has affected your property such as a fire or flood, you might know how the claim process works. But you might not have picked up on the fine print. Insurance companies can send their own personal loss assessors to investigate and come up with a price, but the price that they give may not be the best entitlement you could receive.loss assessors Ireland

Most people will let their insurer’s loss assessors deal with the claim, but some people who want the best for their property come to us. We will ensure that you get the best possible entitlement so you can fully restore your property back to its pre-accident condition. We will also help you receive other entitlements that may be deserved, such as temporary accommodation.

When our personal loss assessors Ireland deal with a claim we only charge a fee of 10% + VAT – we believe that this is a very reasonable price for the entitlement you will receive and also for the services which we provide; we also work on a no win no fee basis. For more information about our services or what we can offer please visit our website at

You may think PLA Ireland works for an insurance company but it doesn’t – we work entirely for you and only have your best interests at heart. This will benefit you because you won’t need to worry about not getting the best possible outcome for your insurance claim.

They have great reviews, with many happy clients which can be searched for via Google, their website and social media, and they are certain that you will also join those happy clients when working with our agents.

What Are Latent Defects?

What Are Latent Defects?

Latent defects can cause many problems for property owners and can create all sort of problems to the building. The main problem with latent defects is that you can’t see it on the outside of the wall and so it can be very hard to know if you have latent defects or not. Some ways to spot latent defects include the following:

Possible Causes Of Latent Defects

Subsidence – if the building has moved too much, then this can cause latent defects.

Damp Penetration or rising damp – if you see any black mould rising from the floor or around ceilings, this could be a latent defect.

Heave – this can cause crack in your walls and damage the foundations of the property depending on the distance of the tree roots from the home. Latent Defects can also cause other structural damage.

Other Causes Of Property Damage

Many types of property damage are caused by Latent Defects.Another concern is that if the property is too badly damaged from latent defects, then it may result in you having to move to temporary accommodation so that the defects can get repaired. Property Defects can help you out by arranging accommodation while your home gets repaired and your claim gets sorted out.

When purchasing a house or flat, the seller should always tell the buyer about any latent damage they might know of. But on the other hand, patent damage is visible and the seller doesn’t need to tell you about them. With latent defects, if it seems that the damage looks to be covered up, then according to law the buyer can get the seller to pay for the repair of the damage.

Other Tips To Consider When Purchasing A Property

  1. Take your time going around homes and flats and make sure you look at every nook and cranny for any defects in the property and investigate properly what the seller claims.
  2. Make sure you look up reviews about the seller of the property and if you have any questions about the property make sure you get answers for them.
  3. You could hire a competent home surveyor to investigate your potential home and a good surveyor will tell you about any patent defects they have found.

These are some ways to minimise the chance of you getting a property with defects. But if you have suffered from latent defects or any other property defect, then there is help available to you so you can get all the cost of repairs dealt with. Property Defects cover all defects which can cause a lot of damage to your home and let us take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

To find out more visit the website

Loss Adjusters and Insurance Claims Experts

Loss Adjusters and Insurance Claims Experts

Loss adjusters are claims experts that study and contribute to make a fairer case and claim on behalf of the insurer. They offer their services from an unbiased and impartial position meaning their decision is based on facts and studying rather than a sway towards any particular interests. The job role is to ultimately review all details within the claim and come to a final decision and/or pay out figure.

Some loss adjusters are here to help ensure you receive a fair settlementThe role of loss adjusters are to review all the evidence in the case and make a final calculated decision and figure as to what is owed. Other roles of the job are to interview eye witnesses, gather police reports and give evidence in court. Although there are many roles within the job, the main aim is to decide the payment that the insurance company gives the policy holder. Although the job of a loss adjuster is generally completed as a solo task, loss adjusters can and usually will be employed by insurance companies, insurance brokers, specialist loss adjusting firms and an organisation’s risk management branch.

A loss adjuster will usually visit the property or area the claim is based in within a few days of the claim, a prompt visit is to ensure nothing has been changed about the scene and claim. The purpose of the visit is to assess the facts and figures of the claim, making it easier and fairer to come to a decision about it.

Not all Loss Adjusters Work on the Side of the Insurance Comapany!

Although a lot of loss adjusters work for the insurance companies etc., there are businesses like Public Loss Adjusters that work for the customer, providing professional advice and help along the way. The loss adjusters – either independent, working for a loss adjusters company or working for an insurance company – get paid the charges they save the client, the better it is for the client usually means the better it is for the adjusters.

Usually, loss adjusters either concentrate and work on Commercial Claims like loss of earnings or Household and Domestic Claims like fires or floods. Most loss adjusters deal with normal claims, but also have to deal with complex and difficult long claims too.

With an insight into the facts from an unbiased and unswayed point of view, a loss adjuster will make any claim fairer and more structured due to the fact the case is being studied by an outsider of the situation.

MMS Contracting Fire Restoration Company

MMS Contracting Fire Restoration Company

Fire Restoration

fire restoration Are you looking for a company with over 20 years of experience with flood and fire restoration? MMS Contracting have been dealing with restoration work for over 20 years and each of our contractors are more than qualified, trained and have the experience to deal with any damage that may have occurred on your property.

MMS COntracting’s main area of expertise is flood and fire restoration, but we are more than able to deal with any other restoration work, such as: water leaks, impact damage – we also provide help with the insurance claim process.

When you choose to acquire our services, we offer free loss adjusting for you. We know just how stressful this whole situation can be, which is why we try and help you with every aspect of the reconstruction of your property. We offer free loss assessing, which provides you with a free damage assessment of your property so we can report to your insurers exactly how much the reconstruction will cost.

It will allow us to get the full settlement fee for your property for you, and it also allows us to deal with your insurers directly for you. This will mean that we can speed up the claims process so we can restore your property as soon as possible. It also allows us to take the stress off of your shoulders from dealing with insurance companies yourself.

If you are in need of flood or fire restoration for your property, do not hesitate to call us or visit the MMS Contracting Website for a free quote.

We have lots of branches across the UK, so no matter where your property is we offer our services nationwide to every person in the UK. We also pride ourselves in having one of the fastest response time in this industry, we know how crucial a rapid response time can be in this industry so we always ensure we are on the scene as soon as possible.