What Are Latent Defects?

What Are Latent Defects?

Latent defects can cause many problems for property owners and can create all sort of problems to the building. The main problem with latent defects is that you can’t see it on the outside of the wall and so it can be very hard to know if you have latent defects or not. Some ways to spot latent defects include the following:

Possible Causes Of Latent Defects

Subsidence – if the building has moved too much, then this can cause latent defects.

Damp Penetration or rising damp – if you see any black mould rising from the floor or around ceilings, this could be a latent defect.

Heave – this can cause crack in your walls and damage the foundations of the property depending on the distance of the tree roots from the home. Latent Defects can also cause other structural damage.

Other Causes Of Property Damage

Many types of property damage are caused by Latent Defects.Another concern is that if the property is too badly damaged from latent defects, then it may result in you having to move to temporary accommodation so that the defects can get repaired. Property Defects can help you out by arranging accommodation while your home gets repaired and your claim gets sorted out.

When purchasing a house or flat, the seller should always tell the buyer about any latent damage they might know of. But on the other hand, patent damage is visible and the seller doesn’t need to tell you about them. With latent defects, if it seems that the damage looks to be covered up, then according to law the buyer can get the seller to pay for the repair of the damage.

Other Tips To Consider When Purchasing A Property

  1. Take your time going around homes and flats and make sure you look at every nook and cranny for any defects in the property and investigate properly what the seller claims.
  2. Make sure you look up reviews about the seller of the property and if you have any questions about the property make sure you get answers for them.
  3. You could hire a competent home surveyor to investigate your potential home and a good surveyor will tell you about any patent defects they have found.

These are some ways to minimise the chance of you getting a property with defects. But if you have suffered from latent defects or any other property defect, then there is help available to you so you can get all the cost of repairs dealt with. Property Defects cover all defects which can cause a lot of damage to your home and let us take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

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