MMS Contracting Fire Restoration Company

MMS Contracting Fire Restoration Company

Fire Restoration

fire restoration Are you looking for a company with over 20 years of experience with flood and fire restoration? MMS Contracting have been dealing with restoration work for over 20 years and each of our contractors are more than qualified, trained and have the experience to deal with any damage that may have occurred on your property.

MMS COntracting’s main area of expertise is flood and fire restoration, but we are more than able to deal with any other restoration work, such as: water leaks, impact damage – we also provide help with the insurance claim process.

When you choose to acquire our services, we offer free loss adjusting for you. We know just how stressful this whole situation can be, which is why we try and help you with every aspect of the reconstruction of your property. We offer free loss assessing, which provides you with a free damage assessment of your property so we can report to your insurers exactly how much the reconstruction will cost.

It will allow us to get the full settlement fee for your property for you, and it also allows us to deal with your insurers directly for you. This will mean that we can speed up the claims process so we can restore your property as soon as possible. It also allows us to take the stress off of your shoulders from dealing with insurance companies yourself.

If you are in need of flood or fire restoration for your property, do not hesitate to call us or visit the MMS Contracting Website for a free quote.

We have lots of branches across the UK, so no matter where your property is we offer our services nationwide to every person in the UK. We also pride ourselves in having one of the fastest response time in this industry, we know how crucial a rapid response time can be in this industry so we always ensure we are on the scene as soon as possible.

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